New Season FlippaBall and DSC, Come & Try and October Camp!

Flippa 2019-2020 eyes on ball

The new FlippaBall and DSC season is just around the corner, so start getting your teams organised!

DSC season commences:  Saturday 17 October 2020

FlippaBall season commences: Friday 23 October 2020

Season info can be found here!

Regos open Friday 4 September!


Come and Try

New players are always welcome! FlippaBall is played from Year 2 – Year 6.

Our first come and try day is on –

Saturday 19th September, 10.30am to 11.30am | Water Polo Pool | HBF Stadium 

Flippa Come and Try 2020

Register here for the Come and Try Session 

Be sunsmart, wear your bathers and bring a towel.

Pool entry for swimmers payable at HBF Reception

FB come and try 2020

October Holiday Camp

Our popular ‘Spring’ camp is back!

Monday 5 October to Friday 9 October 2020

Boys and Girls | Year 2 to 6
8.30am to 11.30am at HBF Stadium

$155 plus pool entry

Registrations now open!

Holiday Camps for Flippaballers age 8-12


School holiday camps for FlippaBallers in December and January.  Dates follow!


December 2019!

Raul Ricci will be leading the December Camps

Tue 17 December 2019 – One morning of FlippaBall  at HBF Stadium

Thurs 19 December 2019 – One morning of FlippaBall at HBF Stadium

Tue 17 and Thurs 19 December 2019 – Two mornings of FlippaBall at HBF Stadium


January 2020!

Damian Kelly will be leading the January Camps

28-31 January 2020 FlippaBall Camp at HBF Stadium

Tue 28 January 2020 – One morning of FlippaBall at HBF Stadium



One morning $37.50 + pool entry

Both December mornings $75 + pool entry

January Camp $120 + pool entry


Register as a guest if you have forgotten your logins.


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