Senior Season Wrap!

Without a doubt season 19/20 will go down in history as one we will never forget.

Prior to the unprecedented cancellation of the season due to COVID-19, the Club was having a sensational season with plenty of positive banter around the Clubrooms every Wednesday night.

While we will never know the results of the finals, a special shout out goes to the Men’s UWA City Beach Challenge Cup Team and the Men’s B Grade Rangers team who topped the minor premiership tables.  All the State League results can be found here.

Below is a table of who took out the F&B for their team as voted by the referees.
(The Club did not award Challenge Cup prizes due to the short season).

Grade Team F&B Winner by referee votes Team Manager/s
A Grade Men UWA City Beach Riley Maurich Jane Maurich
A Grade Men UWA Flotsam Nicholas Hughes Andrew Konowalous
A Grade Men UWA Rangers Riley Childs Paul Lilleyman
A Grade Women UWA City Beach Pippa Pedley & Glenda Morgan Francine Gibb
B Grade Men UWA Dropbears Hamish White Oliver Davis & Mat Hughes
B Grade Men UWA Hellfish Fraser Smith Fraser Smith
B Grade Men UWA Rangers Mitch Barns Ben McCleery
B Grade Women UWA Rangers Jamie Cannon Martyn Evans
C Grade Men UWA Dugongs Lachlan Pethick Ben Vittino & Nic Lantzke
C Grade Men UWA Oils Ross Mecham Paul Lilleyman
C Grade Women UWA CB T-Rexs Alexandra Hughes Alexandra Hughes
D Grade Men UWA Bears Ray Mayers Michael Hopkins
E Grade Men UWA Growlers Daniel Vittino Tim Green & Ric Vittino
E Grade Men UWA Horse Henry Cook Joshua Everett
E Grade Women UWA Sisters Margaret O’Connor Megan Prentice & Deb Bow
F Grade Men UWA Caramello Bears Josh Leaman David Barber
F Grade Men UWA Yellers Pat Williams Simon Williams
F Grade Women UWA Emeralds Cathy Farrell Jaime Smith

Association Fairest & Best

Extra shout out to Tom Sangster (Challenge Cup), Fraser Smith, Ray Mayers and Pat Williams for also taking out the Water Polo WA Association Fairest and Best for their grade!  Well done!

Team of the Year

Congrats to the E Grade Horses, captained by Josh Everett, for taking out the O’Keefe Trophy for Greatest Team Contribution in their first year with the Club.  It’s great to see the younger crew getting stuck into the Senior State League competition with such energy.  Josh has done a super job herding the ‘Horses’ and we are all looking forward to seeing these guys grow as a team as the seasons pass.  Sterling effort boys … giddy-up now!

The Dunny Seat!

Rob Gray from the E Grade Growlers took out the ‘Dunny Seat Award’ with a swift, champion-like effort … breaking his own team mate’s (Andy Meyer) nose at training with his knee (accidentally of course).  Rob was heard muttering “head under water is fair game”.  Other nominees included Josh Everett and John Contessi.  When you see them next, ask them about why they were nominated!

Polo Bear of the Year

The Senior Award goes to a person who has worked tirelessly to help out our Club.

Congratulations to Club Secretary Clare Barber on being awarded the ‘Best Contribution by a Club Member – Polo Bear of the Year Award’ – for her exceptional contribution to the Club.  Clare also won the Award last season in her first year as Club Secretary.  Clare dedicates an enormous amount of time to the Club beyond the normal club secretarial role.

This season she was instrumental in organising a number of new initiatives including the accreditation of all coach and table officials for the Australian Youth Championships in January 2020.  Clare also ran a table official course at the club to assist parents in their completion of the accreditation.

Clare demonstrated her interest in youth development guiding a group of thirteen U16 members through the Community referee accreditation course keeping them all on track and assisting in navigating the various courses, pre-requisites and liaising with WPA to undertake the practical components.  This was the first group of Community Referees to gain the accreditation in WA.

Clare assisted in the Café by familiarising our new Club Manager with club operations and establishing rosters.

Behind the scenes this season she arranged City of Nedlands Public Building Approval for our Clubrooms, food business registration and is working towards making an application for a Club Restricted Liquor licence.

She co-ordinated the helpers for UWA Open Day and acts the club’s liaison with UWA Sport.

As if that was not enough she was often spotted assisting F Grade Men’s Caramello Bears with table duties and even constructed rebound nets following their purchase.  And when no one else was around she’s the one that cleaned out the exploded cans of cool drink from the Clubroom fridge!

Thank you Clare and congratulations!

Further Thanks

Special mention to Sonya Orso our new Club Manager, for her excellent service on Wednesday nights.

Thanks to all our Team Managers and Club Referees along with Women’s Delegate Lisa Lilleyman and our new Men’s Delegate Dex De Bruin and everyone else on the UWA WPC Committee for their ongoing dedication to the Club.

Perhaps more than ever before, the Club is looking forward to getting everyone back in the pool!