Junior Season Wrap 20-21

In season 2020/21 UWA Waterpolo Club had 20 teams playing in Junior State League across the Sunday and Monday night competitions.  This number of teams competing cannot be achieved without the significant efforts of our training coaches Damian Kelly, Andrei Kovalenko & Raul Ricci (and Sam Shead and Vaughn Thomson in Term 4), our Game night coaches and Team Managers. The Club would like to thank parents for their efforts in supporting their children and acting as table officials, particularly all those parents who undertook the Waterpolo Australia accreditation for Competition Officials.  We would encourage parents to undertake this free course.

Congratulations to all teams on their effort and work throughout the season.

11 UWA teams competed in Grand Finals.

A Division

U12  Boys Cubs, 9am v Melville
U12  Girls Cubs, 9am v Melville
U14  Girls Gold, 10am v Melville
U16  Girls Blue, 12pm v Melville
U16  Boys Bears, 1pm v Melville
U18  Girls Green, 2pm v Melville (plate final)
U18  Girls Blue, 3pm v Triton
U18  Boys Blue, 4pm v Melville

B Division

U14B  Girls Green, 11:30am v Newman
U14B  Boys White, 12:30pm v Triton
U16B  Boys White, 2:30pm v Triton

Special mention to the following teams who won their Grand Finals and were awarded 2020/2021 WPWAI Premiership flags:

U14B  Boys White v Triton coached by Charlie George and Ben Howie
U16B  Boys White v Triton coached by Nathan Phillips
U18A  Boys Blue v Melville coached by Oli Davis

And the U18 Girls Green who won the plate coached by Raul Ricci

U18 Winners 2021

U18 Plate

Club Uniform

Our Club is well recognised across Australia. Our Uniform Shop Co-Ordinator, Denise Dalton keeps us all looking our best. When UWA teams turn up at JSL or AYC, it supports the professional image of our club. This season the Club transitioned to our new Kap7 uniform.

Next season we will be looking at getting all our teams in the new uniform.

Fairest and Best & Most Improved Players

Fairest and Best awards are based on WPWAI votes from JSL games, while Most Improved are selected by team coaches.

U12 Girls
Cubs coached by Peter Symons managed by Nancy Shaw
MI: Molly McGough
F&B:  Emily Elphick * Also WPWAI Overall Fairest and Best

U12 Boys
Cubs coached by Oliver Sheldrick managed by Kate Watson
MI: Vlad Belov
F&B: Ryan Wallis

Under 14s
Thanks to  Michelle Sayer as U14 Girls Delegate

Blue, coached by Pip Pedley, managed by Erica Salt
(MI) Madison Godber
(F&B) Jamie de Bruin

Gold, coached by Glenda Morgan, managed by Julia Williams
(MI) Lian Bewsher
(F&B) Angela Williams

Green (Divison B), coached by Claire Whittaker, managed by Lisa Lilleyman
(MI) Stella Dark
(F&B) Bridget Lilleyman and Zoe Cannon on equal votes

White (Division B), coached by Bec Gibb, managed by Michelle Sayer
(MI) Ruby Phillips
(F&B)  Ella Peovitis   * Also WPWAI Overall Fairest and Best in B Division

Thanks to Belinda Giles as a new Delegate this season for the U14 Boys

Bears coached by Matt George, managed by Louise Nicholls
(MI) Charlie Cotter
(F&B) George Hodgson

Blue coached by Quentin Megson, managed by Mel Braddock
(MI) Saile Du Preez
(F&B)  Luke Megson

Green coached by Damian Kelly and Cliff Woods, managed by Penny Regan
(MI) Ivan Zorotovic
(F&B) Sam Regan

White (Division B) coached by Charlie George and Ben Howie, managed by Liesl De Vries
(MI) Jacques de Vries
(F&B) Archie Ryan  and Zephyr O’Brien on equal votes

The U14 Rising Star is presented to players we believe have a big future in water polo if they continue to commit and train hard
These awards are chosen by our Head Coaches. Congratulations to –
Girls:  Emily Murdoch
Boys:  Ben Marris

U14 Rising Stars 2021

Under 16s

Thanks to Phillipa Johnson as U16 Girls Delegate

Blue coached by Damian Kelly, managed by Jen Taboni
(F&B) Gabi Sayer

Green coached by Raul Ricci and Damian Kelly, managed by Melissa Haynes
(F&B) Olivia Haynes

Most Improved in the respective age groups

  • Born 2005 – Most Improved – Katie Marris
  • Born 2006 – Most Improved – Emily Taylor

 Thanks to Travis Smith as U16 Boys Delegate

Bears coached by Bryon Kelly, managed by Lisa Lilleyman
(F&B) Owen Lilleyman  * Also WPWAI Overall Fairest and Best

Blue coached by Andrew Barber, managed by Felicity Handley
(F&B)  Ethan Kelly

Gold coached by Parsa Vahdani Barber, managed by Dex De Briun
(F&B) Kyle de Bruin

White (Division B) coached by Nathan Phillips, managed by Kelli Fischer
(F&B) Jaxon Chester

Most Improved in the respective age groups

  • Born 2005 – Most Improved – Charlie Reynolds
  • Born 2006 – Most Improved – Axel Nilsson

U16 Most Outstanding Players – awards chosen by our Head coaches and recognise future potential, training ethic and competition performance
Girls:  Amelia Taboni  * Also WPWAI Overall Fairest and Best
Boys:  Tim Lonnqvist

U16 MO 2021

Under 18s

Special acknowledgement to our Born 2003 boys and girls players who move on to Senior Grades next season.  Many of these young adults have been with us since flippaball and we hope they continue playing with the Senior club.

It has been wonderful to watch this group develop their water polo skills, team work and leadership skills since they started together in U14s. Many of these players have over their Junior years been active members of the Club, have coached numerous Flippaball and DSC teams, have assisted with Club activities. They have also been great ambassadors for our Club on their trips away to Europe and AYC.

Thanks to Julie Tomas as U18 Girls Delegate

Blue– Coached by Damian Kelly and managed by Julie Tomas
F&B: Holly Greville

Green – Coached by Raul Ricci and Damian Kelly and managed by Michelle Sayer
F&B: Daisy Morse

Thanks to Maryanne Marshall as U18 Boys Delegate

Green – Coached initially by Taz Williams and in latter part of season Steve Cook, Oli Davis and Stefan managed by Maryanne Marshall
F&B: Rory Dalton

Blue– Coached by Oliver Davis managed by Rob Lodge
F&B: Tyler Fazio * Also WPWAI Overall Fairest and Best


Club’s Special Awards

Junior Referee Award:

Thanks to Club Secretary Clare Barber this year the Club ran another guided U16 Community Referee accreditation. Juniors undertook practise at Flippaball and DSC and completed the online courses. Congratulations to the 10 x U16 members who have completed the course.

The Junior Referee Award recognises members who have undertaken a WPA Referee accreditation and have demonstrated considerable development as a Referee. The award acknowledges the importance of referees to our game.

The winners of this Award for 20/21 are:  Xavier Harris and Mack Williams

Referees 2021

 Junior Polo Bear Award:

Juniors play an important role within our Club in roles as coaches, referees and helpers at Flippaball and our District School Competition. The support is invaluable and the Club thanks all Juniors who contributed in the 2020/21 Season. We hope that you enjoyed the experience and will continue to volunteer.

The Junior Polo Bear Award is awarded to a junior member who is an all-rounder. Who represents our Club with excellence, showing dedication and commitment to the Club. They give their best in the pool, when they train and play, and are always willing to help around the Club. They exhibit a positive attitude, leadership and act as a great example for younger players.

There were a number of nominations:  Holly Greville, Harper Phillips, Will Marshall, Tim Lonnqvist, Gabbi Sayer and Bianca Patchet

The Junior Polo Bear in 2020/21 is awarded to Will Marshall.

Will 2021