UWA Water Polo Club Committee

2020/2021 Season

Executive Committee


Peter Hughes |  president@uwawaterpolo.com.au

Vice President

Travis Smith | vp@uwawaterpolo.com.au


Clare Barber |  secretary@uwawaterpolo.com.au (to 31 March 2021)


Fia Rigo |  treasurer@uwawaterpolo.com.au

General Committee

Club Captain / UWA Student Rep

Pippa Pedley

A Grade Men’s Delegate

Maryanne Marshall

A Grade Women’s Delegate

Julie Tomas

Senior Men’s Delegate

Dex De Bruin

Senior Women’s Delegate

Margy O’Connor

Master’s Delegate

Brian Smith

U18 Boys Delegate

Maryanne Marshall

U18 Girls Delegate

Julie Tomas

U16 Boys Delegate

Travis Smith

U16 Girls Delegate

Phillipa Johnson

U14 Boys Delegate

Belinda Giles

U14 Girls Delegate

Michelle Sayer


Registrar, FlippaBall and DSC, Holiday Camps

Jackie Vittino : 0417 972 652, flippaball@uwawaterpolo.com.au

Men’s Head Coach

Andrei Kovalenko

Women’s Head Coach

Damian Kelly

Clubhouse / Polo Bear Cafe

Sonya Orso

Sponsorship Manager

Peter Hughes

Uniform Manager

vacant as of March 2021

Social Media

Jackie Vittino


Please email secretary@uwawaterpolo.com.au to contact any of the above committee members