Water Polo Stories – Introducing the Williams Family

Georgia Williams

I didn’t start playing waterpolo until I was 12, playing in the district school competition. I had never played before, but was swimming twice a week and thought the winter training squad that year would be a good way to get fit.

I was one of only three 2000 born girls and to my surprise was on the team to travel to U14 Nationals in Melbourne the next year. I wasn’t the best in the team, but I had loads of fun, learnt a lot and made some great friends.

I continued to play and train all the way through under 14s, 16s and the first year of 18s, with another trips away to Hobart and Canberra. Some of my favourite memories are of these trips away, even though at times the waterpolo was really tough.

During my U16s I also completed a refereeing course and now regularly referee JSL and Senior games. I have been to the Gold Coast as a referee – all flights and accommodation paid for on top of a daily rate!.  Being a referee continues to be a great part time job, and I have learnt a lot.

A few years ago I picked up rowing as a sport and didn’t have time to train as much so I stopped playing juniors. Luckily for me, I could keep playing with the seniors on Wednesday nights and I’m midway through my third season now. I love playing with such a mixed team – all sorts of skill and experience levels; it’s great fun (and I don’t have to train at all!).

I can see how waterpolo will be a sport for life for me – no injuries, good for my fitness and a great way to earn a bit of money!!!!

Julia Williams (mum)

Waterpolo was a sport I knew nothing about growing up and first became involved with it when my son started flippaball at the age of 9.  I couldn’t believe that here was a sport where you could sit on the edge of a pool on a sunny day, turn up with your child needing only bathers and a mouthguard and it was all done and dusted in 30 minutes….it rapidly became a sport for our whole family.

Georgie started the next year and continues to play seniors, and referee.

Patrick is now in U18s and plays A division seniors, has won two national tournaments along the way and is a referee for JSL, Senior State League and has been a Nationals referee.  He has travelled to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Europe with his team.williams fam

Alice is in U16 and is about the start training as a referee, and coaches a DSC side.  She has her eye on WAIS and hopefully Torps.

Angela is in her third year of U14 and coaches a flippaball team on Friday nights.

Simon (dad) started playing for the first time three seasons ago in a father/son team and now continues in F Grade.

And I am a member of the Sisters – E grade senior women, having never played before.  We have been to Bunbury State Masters and also on our first overseas tour to the inaugural Waterpolo at Rotto competition in December!!!

During our 8 years with the club we have seen our children develop in so many positive ways, we have met some amazing people and have had some really great times.  We are so glad that Patrick found his way to the pool all those years ago…..Thanks Stacka!