State League Grand Final Fever!!

Congratulations to all our teams who made the Senior and Junior State League Grand Finals this year! A fantastic end to a strong season of water polo.

Well done to the Juniors who showed the Seniors how it’s done! We had 5 junior teams playing last Sunday with 4 claiming the premiership flag!

    • 14U A Girls – coached by Rob Cullingford
    • 16U A Boys – coached by Matt George, assisted by ‘The Rotator’ Simon Williams
    • 18U A Girls – coached by Scott Schweickle 
    • 18U A Boys – coached by Nic Hughes
    • Premier League Women – UWA Rangers, coached by Scott Schweickle
    • 14U A Boys – coached by Joe Goldfinch
    • Div 2 Hop Bears
    • Div 1 Oils
    • A Reserve PC’swomens-PL-768x409

You can see all the results and winning team photos below on Water Polo WA’s website 

SunSmart Juniors GF Results

Premier League and Seniors GF Results


The fun of the Finals weekend has been captured through many different lenses. For all of these game action shots below we would like to acknowledge Kylie Geelen. Thanks Kylie! Keep scrolling for more pics of Senior Grand final day and the intimate Wind Up presentations.

14A BEARS – PREMIERS in action!

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16A BLUES  – PREMIERS on fire!

_dsc1728small_40999203702_o _dsc1736small_27169851798_o _dsc1765small_39232308320_o _dsc1784small_40332367094_o DSC_0679 DSC_0760 _dsc1841bwsmall_26170066387_o DSC_0666 _dsc1822small_26170075837_o _dsc1738small_40332396354_o _dsc1754small_39232312270_o _dsc1830small_26170071417_o


Hop Bears got so close!

_dsc1207small_40089007205_o _dsc1200small_40982051221_o _dsc1229small_39173458400_o _dsc1221small_40089010775_o _dsc1242small_40089012925_o _dsc1235small_40089012255_o _dsc1253small_40940621602_o _dsc1268small_39173474270_o_dsc1286small_26111257187_o _dsc1285small_26111255547_o _dsc1301small_26111270697_o _dsc1305small_40982082321_o

Oils claim the silver

_dsc1315small_40941010492_o _dsc1321bwsmall_40982522511_o _dsc1337small_40273523044_o _dsc1340small_39173946810_o _dsc1358small_39173950140_o _dsc1356small_39173949110_o _dsc1393small_39173958570_o _dsc1385small_27111895118_o _dsc1389small_40273532654_o _dsc1406small_39173964900_o _dsc1399small_39173962350_o _dsc1403small_27111901078_o

A big THANK YOU to our Committee and all those behind the scenes who make Grand Final weekend and the season run so smoothly:

  • Jackie Vittino – so much happens because of this amazing lady who also manages Flippa Ball and District Schools competitions
  • Amy and Dan – BBQ! 
  • Matt, Taylor, Drew and helpers – Cafe and Bar
  • Susi Pedley – Uniform guru
  • Louise Storey and all our wonderful table staff
  • All of our Age Delegates for juniors – legends!!
  • Club Captains – Women: Michelle Simson  Men: Dan Toleman

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