FlippaBall Teams and Fixtures

Season starts Friday 19 October, 2018  

Term 1 finishes Friday 7 December 2018

The great Friday night family fun has begun. Don’t forget to make the most of the BBQ for an easy end of week dinner!

Handy tips for newbies:

  • “Pool 1” is closest to the Club rooms.
  • First named team to wear white caps.

Year 2/3 mixed @ 6pm (TBC)

Year 4 Boys and Girls @ 6.30pm or 7pm (TBC)

Year 5/6  Girls @ 7pm (TBC)

Year 5/6  Mixed Teams @ 7pm or 7.30pm (TBC)

Year 5/6 Boys @ 7.30pm (TBC)


Flippaball information for all age groups

FlippaBall Pool Configuration