State League Grand Final Fever!!


Congratulations to all our teams who made the Senior and Junior State League Grand Finals this year! A fantastic end to a strong season of water polo.

Well done to the Juniors who showed the Seniors how it’s done! We had 5 junior teams playing last Sunday with 4 claiming the premiership flag!

    • 14U A Girls – coached by Rob Cullingford
    • 16U A Boys – coached by Matt George, assisted by ‘The Rotator’ Simon Williams
    • 18U A Girls – coached by Scott Schweickle 
    • 18U A Boys – coached by Nic Hughes
    • Premier League Women – UWA Rangers, coached by Scott Schweickle
    • 14U A Boys – coached by Joe Goldfinch
    • Div 2 Hop Bears
    • Div 1 Oils
    • A Reserve PC’swomens-PL-768x409

You can see all the results and winning team photos below on Water Polo WA’s website 

SunSmart Juniors GF Results

Premier League and Seniors GF Results


The fun of the Finals weekend has been captured through many different lenses. For all of these game action shots below we would like to acknowledge Kylie Geelen. Thanks Kylie! Keep scrolling for more pics of Senior Grand final day and the intimate Wind Up presentations.

14A BEARS – PREMIERS in action!

_dsc1437bwsmall_40126668245_o _dsc1418bwsmall_40126675805_o _dsc1446small_40126653895_o _dsc1443small_40126657725_o _dsc1494small_40310932374_o _dsc1487small_40310936314_o _dsc1509small_40310926814_o _dsc1519small_39211017990_o _dsc1641small_40977964322_o _dsc1657small_40126588065_o _dsc1696small_40310871734_o _dsc1680small_40310878254_o _dsc1723bwsmall_41020099761_o _dsc1719bwsmall_40977939542_o29541314_10155083279692504_6473567942447585842_n_39211166850_o


16A BLUES  – PREMIERS on fire!

_dsc1728small_40999203702_o _dsc1736small_27169851798_o _dsc1765small_39232308320_o _dsc1784small_40332367094_o DSC_0679 DSC_0760 _dsc1841bwsmall_26170066387_o DSC_0666 _dsc1822small_26170075837_o _dsc1738small_40332396354_o _dsc1754small_39232312270_o _dsc1830small_26170071417_o


Hop Bears got so close!

_dsc1207small_40089007205_o _dsc1200small_40982051221_o _dsc1229small_39173458400_o _dsc1221small_40089010775_o _dsc1242small_40089012925_o _dsc1235small_40089012255_o _dsc1253small_40940621602_o _dsc1268small_39173474270_o_dsc1286small_26111257187_o _dsc1285small_26111255547_o _dsc1301small_26111270697_o _dsc1305small_40982082321_o

Oils claim the silver

_dsc1315small_40941010492_o _dsc1321bwsmall_40982522511_o _dsc1337small_40273523044_o _dsc1340small_39173946810_o _dsc1358small_39173950140_o _dsc1356small_39173949110_o _dsc1393small_39173958570_o _dsc1385small_27111895118_o _dsc1389small_40273532654_o _dsc1406small_39173964900_o _dsc1399small_39173962350_o _dsc1403small_27111901078_o

A big THANK YOU to our Committee and all those behind the scenes who make Grand Final weekend and the season run so smoothly:

  • Jackie Vittino – so much happens because of this amazing lady who also manages Flippa Ball and District Schools competitions
  • Amy and Dan – BBQ! 
  • Matt, Taylor, Drew and helpers – Cafe and Bar
  • Susi Pedley – Uniform guru
  • Louise Storey and all our wonderful table staff
  • All of our Age Delegates for juniors – legends!!
  • Club Captains – Women: Michelle Simson  Men: Dan Toleman

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20180324_130636 20180324_131428(0) 20180324_131443 20180324_132739 20180324_134415 20180324_140345 20180324_140521 20180324_175500 20180324_175558 20180324_175732 20180324_175613 20180324_175819 20180324_181032 20180324_181100 IMG_6508 20180324_140356

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Junior Wind Up!

Wind Up

Following the awesome results of the Grand Finals 2 weeks ago, the Juniors celebrated their 2018 season and acknowledged the many people who made it so successful, and fun!

Wind Up

Congratulations to all of the team MVP’s and Coaches award recipients.  Special mention to SL Association Division Best and Fairest winners, James Lantzke (U14A Boys), Andrew Barber (U16A Boys) and Taz Williams (U18A Boys) – outstanding!

We would like to pay tribute to those members of our Club who were awarded special Club awards in recognition of their efforts both in and out of the pool.


This person is an all-rounder who represents our club with excellence, showing dedication and commitment to the Club.  They give their best in the pool, when they train and play, and are always willing to help around the Club.  With a positive attitude they are a great example for younger players to look up to.

The 2018 winner was nominated for her fantastic work with coaching Friday night FlippaBall teams and Saturday morning DSC teams.  She happily assists whenever called upon.  She always has a positive manner and attitude and is extremely polite.  Her sister won it last year. What a family!

Congratulations to UWA City Beach Water Polo Club’s Best Junior Club Member for 2018, Sami Rasmussen. 

IMG_6582 IMG_6591


The Senior Award this year went to a person who has worked tirelessly to help out our club.  She has managed no less than 5 Under 14 teams for the past 3 seasons and has just taken 40 14U boys and crew to the National Club Champs in Canberra.  She works, she runs a busy house, she keeps Damo in line, and she gives and gives and gives to our Junior program.

Congratulations to UWA City Beach Water Polo Club’s Best Senior Club Member for 2018, Maryanne Marshall



Traditionally we recognise a select few players who we believe have a big future in water polo, with the prestigious awards of Rising Star in the Under 14’s and Most Outstanding Junior in the U16’s. This is selected by our Head Coaches.  Congratulations to our  UWA CB Rising Stars for 2018.

UWA CBWPC U14 Boys Rising Star Ashton Tessler
UWA CBWPC U14 Girls Rising Star Zelma Koka
UWA CBWPC U16 Most Outstanding Junior Boy Campbell McAullay
UWA CBWPC U16 Most Outstanding Junior Girl Jamie Cannon

Fab 4 2018









Again, a HUGE shout out to the amazing Coaches, managers and parents who support our strong Junior Program.

Thanks especially to Damian Kelly for his continued excellence, patience and humour in working with so many energetic and talented young polo bears!











How fast are our Fastest Junior Bears!?


Congratulations to the 14U and 16U Junior players who got involved in the inaugural StreetX Fastest Junior Bear event yesterday.

A big shout out to Jackie Vittino for all her work in organising the day and to Clare Barber, Lisa Lilleyman, Maryanne Marshall and our time keepers for helping out. Thank you! 

Also to the Fastest Bear founders Nathan and Simon Phillips, and the Fastest Oldest Bear Charlie Liggins who were on hand to inspire the next generation!! May this be the start of an annual Club event. 

See all the photos from the day below…..including the elegant Swan Relay!

So, just how fast are our Fastest Junior Bears over 33m?



  1. Thomas Michael – 19.00s
  2. James Lantzke – 19.81
  3. Josh Rasmussen – 20.30

Special  mentions to Jett Jaegar-Harvey who was Fastest Born 06 and made 14U final and Josh Rasmussen – Fastest B05

16U BOYS20180204_170605

  1. Andrew Barber – 16.78s
  2. Flynn Mason – 17.32
  3. Menno Talbot – 17.88

Special  mention to Declan Cook – Fastest B03


  1. Bella Sayer – 19.87s
  2. Alice Williams – 19.94
  3. Zelma Koko – 20.16

Special mention to Gabrielle Sayer – Fastest B05


  1. Jamie Cannon- 19.56s
  2. Millie McFarlane – 20.88
  3. Sami Rasmussen – 20.94

Special Mention to Sami Rasmussen = Fastest B03



14U – Zelma 

16U – Georgia 


14U – Owen 

16 U – Billy (see the footage on our Insta page!)

How long will our Fastest Jnr Bear records stand for?!




December and January Holiday Camps!

Oct 17 Camp Photo

It’s coming to the middle of the season and we are seeing some fantastic performances in the pool by our Juniors and FlippaBallers! 

The upcoming training camps are the perfect opportunity for your young player to gain further skill development and match practice, to have fun with their mates, AND have a break from electronic devices for a few hours in the holidays!

FlippaBall/DSC Training CampsOct 17 Camp Photo

Who:  for boys and girls aged 7-12

Venue: UWA Water Polo Pool 

Times: from 8.30am to 11.30am


  • CAMP 1
    • Monday 18 December – Friday 22 December (5 days)
    • Cost $150  – includes entry to the UWA Aquatic Centre 
    • Please register by Friday 15 December
  • CAMP 2
    • Monday 29 January and Tuesday 30 January, 2018 (2 days)
    • Cost: $60 – includes entry to the UWA Aquatic Centre 

Register here for FlippaBall / DSC Camps

These camps are also available to children who are not currently playing FlippaBall or DSC with UWA City Beach – contact Jackie Vittino  0417 972 652 for more info!

JSL Training Camps

There will be several camps on offer.  The following camps are confirmed!

 U14 JSL Boys and Girls Born 04, 05, 06

  • Monday 18 December – Friday 22 December (5 days)
  • 8.30am to 10.30am each morning PLUS 4pm to 6pm each afternoon
  • UWA Water Polo Pool
  • Cost $160  – includes entry to the UWA Aquatic Centre

Register here for U14 JSL Camp


U16 JSL Girls Born 02/03 and U14 Bears 

  • Monday to Thursday, 22-25 January 2018
  • All sessions at the water polo pool at HBF Stadium 
  • Monday 22 January | 3pm to 5pm 
    Tuesday 23 January | 3pm to 5pm 
    Wednesday 24 January | 4pm to 6pm 
    Thursday 25 January | 4pm to 6pm 
  • Cost $65 plus entry to HBF
  • Coach – Scott Schweickle
  • Players must be registered before Camp commences

Register here for U16 + U14 Bears GIRLS JSL Camp


JSL Boys Born 00/01/02 melb-collegians-logo

  • The boys born 2000-2002 Camp is with Melbourne Collegians 
  • Sunday to Thursday, 21-25 January, 2018
  • Morning sessions are at HBF Stadium, afternoon sessions are at UWA 
    Sunday 21 January | 5pm to 7pm at UWA followed by BBQ 
    Monday 22 January | 7.30am to 9am PLUS 4pm to 6pm 
    Tuesday 23 January | 7.30am to 9am PLUS 4pm to 6pm 
    Wednesday 24 January | 7.30am to 9am PLUS 4pm to 6pm 
    Thursday 25 January | 7.30am to 9am 
    Cost $115 plus entry to HBF
  • Coach – Damian Kelly
  • Players must be registered before Camp commences

Register here for Born 00/01/02 Boys Camp


U16 JSL Boys Born 02/03

  • Monday to Friday, 11-15 December 2017 
  • 8.30 to 10.30am each morning at UWA 
    Monday 11 Dec – no training, JSL game 
    Tuesday 12 Dec – 16:30 to 18:00 at HBF 
    Wednesday 13 Dec – 15:30 to 17:00 at HBF 
    Thursday 14 Dec – 17:30 to 19:00 at HBF 
    Friday 15 Dec – 15:00 to 16:30 at HBF 
  • Cost $130 includes entry to UWA
  • Coach – Damian Kelly
  • Players must be registered before Camp commences

Register here for U16 BOYS JSL Camp

Club Race Day results!


A big thank you to Simon and Nathan Phillips for hosting the inaugural Seniors Club Race Day yesterday. A great initiative!

Congratulations to our 2 Fastest Bears Alive over 50m (they also happen to be pretty handy with a water polo ball)…


2017 Fastest Man Bear Alive

Andrew Ford with an impressive time of 24.87 secs 

2017 Fastest Lady Bear Alive

Sana Brotherson with a speedy 25.62 secs 

And of course, the result for our VP Lillo who was determined to post a 28 or better. May the pictures tell the story….

20171105_143604IMG_5792001002IMG_5792001Lillo race20171105_14374120171105_143704

Well done to all our players who swam yesterday. Given we only had 4 stop watches, unfortunately not everyone had their time recorded.

Here are some of the results:


Div1 and above  
1 Andrew Ford 24.87
2 Henry Brown 26.69
3 Andrew Todd 27.38
4 Charlie Liggins 27.84
5 David Cullingford 28.15
6 Daniel Henderson 29.19
7 James O’Toole  
8 Fraser Smith  
Div 2 and 4    
1 Robbie Cullingford 28.05
2 Leigh Farnell 29.47
3 Mark Enright 29.69
4 Mark Mason 30.25
OMG Paul Lilleyman 28.97


Div 1/PL
1 Sana Brotherson 25.62
Div 2/3    
2 Chelsea Unwin 26.02
3 Michelle Simson  
4 Sara Watson  

Well done again Simon and Nathan!