FlippaBall 19/20 Come and Try on 21 September & October Camp!

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The new FlippaBall season is just around the corner, so start getting your teams organised!

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FlippaBall registrations open:  Friday 23 August 2019

FlippaBall season commences: Friday 25 October 2019


Come and Try

New players are always welcome! FlippaBall is played from Year 2 – Year 6.

Our first come and try day is on –

Saturday 7th September, 10.30am to 11.30am | UWA 

New Date just announced for those still deciding on registering!

Saturday 21st September, 10.50am talk, 11am – 11.30am try | UWA

Register here for the Come and Try Session 

Be sunsmart, wear your bathers and bring a towel.


October Holiday Camp

Our popular ‘Spring’ camp is back!

Monday 7 October to Friday 11 October 2019

Boys and Girls | Year 2 to 6

8.30am to 11.30am at HBF Stadium

$155 plus pool entry

Places limited, so register here!




JSL Trials for Girls Born 2002-2009

JSL Trials 2019

Trials are being conducted for all girls wishing to be considered to play Junior State League (JSL) in season 2019/20 for the UWA Water Polo Club.

First Trial Date

Sunday, 11th August at UWA pool.

Second Trial Date

Sunday, 18th August at UWA pool.

Times as follows:

U14 Girls  Born 2006/2007/2008/2009 – 9am to 11am

U16&18 Girls Born 2002/2003/2004/2005 – 11am to 1pm


These are trials for any girl with an interest in playing water polo at a more competitive level over summer i.e. Sunday afternoon (B Division) or Monday night (A Division) Junior State League (JSL) Competition.  All girls interested will need to register for trials, even those who are already registered for the winter academy.  There is NO COST.

These trials will involve a core skills assessment and game play.

For those considered to meet the selection criteria, they will be allocated to the squad that will form the JSL teams for the 2019-2020.  These teams will be clarified by the middle of September based on the trials, and attitude and commitment at training.

For those needing further development, we will encourage them to be involved in the District Schools Competition for the summer season and attend the afternoon skills training programs.

Should there need to be further assessment sessions, these will be communicated individually.

These trials are the ONLY pathway to play JSL.  No girl will be considered for JSL if they have not attended the trials.

U14 Girls register here

U16 & 18 Girls register here


Friday night FlippaBall (Year 2-6) Come and Try Dates will be confirmed soon!

JSL Trials 2019

Winter Water Polo for Juniors!


Winter water polo is just around the corner, with opportunities for all!

Apologies for the delay with winter training information, we are waiting for final confirmation of pool bookings from HBF and UWA, but felt it important to get as much information out as possible.

Please find below a summary of programs on offer and who you should contact with queries!


Term 2 & 3 – Monday 29 April to Friday 27 September

Note:  No training Sunday 2 June or Sunday 25 August
No training Friday 5 July to Sunday 21 July

Born 10/09 Girls

Born 08/07 Girls

  • Tuesday and Thursday (5pm to 6.30pm) at HBF
  • Sunday mornings at UWA (9am to 11am)
  • Cost $475
  • Queries to Michelle Sayer
  • Register here

Born 06 Girls

  • Tuesday and Thursday (4.30pm to 6pm) at Claremont Pool
  • Sunday mornings at UWA (9am to 11am)
  • Cost $475
  • Queries to Michelle Sayer
  • Register here

Born 05/04 Girls + 03/02 Europe Girls

Born 03/02/01 Girls (LIMITED TRAINING)


Term 2 & 3 – Monday 29 April to Friday 27 September

Note:  No training Friday 31 May to Monday 3 June or Friday 23 August to Monday 26 August
No training Friday 5 July to Saturday 27 July

Born 10/09 Boys

Born 08/07 Boys

Born 06 Boys

  • Tuesday and Thursday (6pm to 7.30pm) at UWA
  • Saturdays at UWA (12 to 2pm) then 11am to 1pm from 3 August
  • Cost $475
  • Queries to Travis Smith or DKelly@apilgroup.com
  • Register here

Born 05 Boys

  • Monday, Wednesday (6pm to 7.30pm), Friday (5 to 6.30pm) at UWA
  • Saturdays at UWA (12 to 2pm) then 11am to 1pm from 3 August
  • Cost $625
  • Queries to Travis Smith or DKelly@apilgroup.com
  • Register here

Born 04/03 + B02 Boys ‘A’ Boys (INTENSIVE TRAINING)

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening at UWA
  • Saturdays at UWA (2pm to 4pm) them 1pm to 3pm from 3 August
  • Cost $825
  • Queries to DKelly@apilgroup.com
  • Register here

Born 04/03/02 ‘B’ Boys (LIMITED TRAINING)


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (5.45am to 7am) at UWA
  • 29 April to Friday 27 September (BREAK 3 June, 8 – 26 July, 26 August)
  • Cost $400
  • Queries to DKelly@apilgroup.com
  • Register here


Register child ‘as a guest’ if you cannot remember your child’s login details

Registration queries to Jackie – flippaball@uwawaterpolo.com.au

Season Snapshot – Juniors!

Gold U18 B 2019

Grand Final Day

The 18/19 season saw the Club come away with 2 gold medals!
Under 18A Boys – UWA Greens
Under 16A Girls – UWA Bears

and a heap of silver medals to boys teams U14 Blues, U16 Bears, U18 Blues and U18B Whites & girls teams U14 Blues, U16 Golds and U18 Bears. Special mention to Association F&B winners

Owen Lilleyman U14A Boys
Tyler Fazio U16A Boys
Ollie Sheldrick U18A Boys F&B 3F&B 2F&B 1


.Gold U18 B 2019U18 Girls Gold



Junior Windup

Thanks to everyone for the huge turnout at our Junior Windup, following JSL Grand Final Day. Special congrats to Bella Sayer, Owen Lilleyman and Innes Ibbotson on their U14 Rising Star Awards and Milly Petterson and Julian Kyriakou on their U16 Most Outstanding Player Awards.
Also to Pippa Pedley for being honoured with the Junior Polo Bear of the Year Award and Club Secretary Clare Barber for being recognised as Senior Polo Bear of the year for her outstanding work

Jnr Wind 2Jnr Wind 19Jnr Wind 4Jnr Wind 3






Huge thanks to all our team coaches and managers.  A full list of F&B winners are listed below –


Blue, coached by Paul Williams, managed by Michelle Sayer (MI) Gabrielle Owen-Conway (F&B) Amelia Taboni

Green, coached by Paul Williams, managed by Michelle Sayer (MI) Katie Marris (F&B) Shannon Bistrup

White, coached by Paul Williams, managed by Sana Brotherson (MI) Olivia Haynes (F&B) Sarah Major

Cubs, coached by Dex De Bruin, managed by Erica Salt (MI) Evie Salt (F&B) Jaime Lee de Bruin


Bears coached by Paul Lilleyman, managed by Lisa Lilleyman (MI) Joint winners: Tom Reagan & William Ure (F&B) Owen Lilleyman *

 Blue coached by Dex De Bruin, managed by Liesl Brogan (MI) Hamish Brogan  (F&B) Innes Ibbitson

 Gold coached by Bryon Kelly, managed by Belinda Flynn (MI) Will Howie  (F&B) Jaxon Chester

Green coached by Andrew Barber, managed by Don Johnson (MI) Robert Johnson  (F&B) Edward Handley

 Cubs coached by Matt George, managed by Suzette Pritchard (MI) Luke Megson (F&B) Jake Taboni



Bears coached by Tayla Walsh, managed by Susan Petterson (F&B) Holly Greville

Gold coached by Robbie Cullingford, managed by Philippa Johnson (F&B) Sophie Johnson

Blue coached and managed by Celena Donovan (F&B) Indiana Hernadi

White coached by Drew Lilleyman, managed by June Kaplanian  (F&B) Iman Kaplanian


2004 – Most Improved – Isabella Sayer

2003 – Most Improved – Harper Phillips



Bears coached by Taz Williams, managed by Patrick Hampton (F&B) Tyler Fazio*

Green coached by Stephen Cook, managed by Maryanne Marshall (F&B) Max Clarke

Blue coached by Harry Konowalous/Raul Ricci, managed by Rob Lodge (F&B) Harry Dowling

Gold coached by Will Lantzke, managed by Maria Lantzke (F&B) Rory Dalton


2004 – Most Improved– Jake Marshall

2003 – Most Improved – Will Marshall



Bears – Coached by Vaughn Thompson, managed by Susi Pedley (F&B) Pippa Pedley

Blue– Coached by managed by Tayla Walsh and managed by Francine Gibb (F&B) Jaime Cannon



U18 Whites Div B – Coached by Mark Mason managed by Kelle Mason (F&B) Flynn Mason

Bears – Coached by Tarrin Williams managed by Cathy Emanuel (F&B) Menno Talbot

Blue– Coached by Damon Childs managed by Penny O’Neill (F&B) Riley Maurich

Green Coached by Matt George managed by Marie Fournier (F&B) Oliver Sheldrick *


*Player also awarded Water Polo WA Fairest and Best Player of the Season

Senior Presentations!

Emeralds 2019

It was a big weekend of water polo as we celebrated the end of the 18/19 State League Season!

SATURDAY night was a great celebration for the Senior State League players with over 80 members enjoying a fun night out at the Floreat Hotel!

Congrats to the Emeralds on taking out the Team of the Year award in their first year with the Club.Emeralds 2019

Notable mention to our only Gold Medal winning team the Dugongs.Dugongs 19

Thanks to Women’s Delegate Lisa Lilleyman for organising the event and Men’s Delegates Paul Lilleyman and Dan Toleman for their support on the night!

F&B winners follow with shout out to Fraser Smith for also taking out the Association Fairest and Best!Fraser 2019

A Grade Men Nic Hughes
A Grade Women Tayla Walsh
B Grade Men UWA Dropbears Drew Lilleyman
B Grade Men UWA Hellfish Fraser Smith
B Grade Men UWA JP Equity Seahorses David Cullingford
B Grade Women UWA Rangers Nikki Cullingord
C Grade Men UWA Dugongs Hunter Tierney
C Grade Men UWA Oils Michael Hinchley
D Grade Men UWA Bears Ray Mayers
D Grade Women UWA Sapphires Alex Hughes
E Grade Men UWA Growlers Brendan Lear
E Grade Women UWA Sisters Lisa Lilleyman
E Grade Women UWA Spirit Sisters Rachel Bright
F Grade Men UWA Bears Elliott Rowton
F Grade Men UWA Yellers Josh Everett
F Grade Women UWA Emeralds Cath Farrell

UWA Senior WindupFlroeat 2019Oils 2019
Saphires 2019Sisters 2019Yellers 2019Old BOys 2019Girls 2019A res 2019Drop 2019 Dunny Seat 2019Pres 2019Fun 2019 Simon 2019