Water Polo Stories – Introducing the Williams Family

williams fam

Georgia Williams

I didn’t start playing waterpolo until I was 12, playing in the district school competition. I had never played before, but was swimming twice a week and thought the winter training squad that year would be a good way to get fit.

I was one of only three 2000 born girls and to my surprise was on the team to travel to U14 Nationals in Melbourne the next year. I wasn’t the best in the team, but I had loads of fun, learnt a lot and made some great friends.

I continued to play and train all the way through under 14s, 16s and the first year of 18s, with another trips away to Hobart and Canberra. Some of my favourite memories are of these trips away, even though at times the waterpolo was really tough.

During my U16s I also completed a refereeing course and now regularly referee JSL and Senior games. I have been to the Gold Coast as a referee – all flights and accommodation paid for on top of a daily rate!.  Being a referee continues to be a great part time job, and I have learnt a lot.

A few years ago I picked up rowing as a sport and didn’t have time to train as much so I stopped playing juniors. Luckily for me, I could keep playing with the seniors on Wednesday nights and I’m midway through my third season now. I love playing with such a mixed team – all sorts of skill and experience levels; it’s great fun (and I don’t have to train at all!).

I can see how waterpolo will be a sport for life for me – no injuries, good for my fitness and a great way to earn a bit of money!!!!

Julia Williams (mum)

Waterpolo was a sport I knew nothing about growing up and first became involved with it when my son started flippaball at the age of 9.  I couldn’t believe that here was a sport where you could sit on the edge of a pool on a sunny day, turn up with your child needing only bathers and a mouthguard and it was all done and dusted in 30 minutes….it rapidly became a sport for our whole family.

Georgie started the next year and continues to play seniors, and referee.

Patrick is now in U18s and plays A division seniors, has won two national tournaments along the way and is a referee for JSL, Senior State League and has been a Nationals referee.  He has travelled to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Europe with his team.williams fam

Alice is in U16 and is about the start training as a referee, and coaches a DSC side.  She has her eye on WAIS and hopefully Torps.

Angela is in her third year of U14 and coaches a flippaball team on Friday nights.

Simon (dad) started playing for the first time three seasons ago in a father/son team and now continues in F Grade.

And I am a member of the Sisters – E grade senior women, having never played before.  We have been to Bunbury State Masters and also on our first overseas tour to the inaugural Waterpolo at Rotto competition in December!!!

During our 8 years with the club we have seen our children develop in so many positive ways, we have met some amazing people and have had some really great times.  We are so glad that Patrick found his way to the pool all those years ago…..Thanks Stacka!


The inaugural AYC have begun!

AYC Image

The new Australian Youth Water Polo Championships in Brisbane, Queensland, have begun.  The event brings together Water Polo Australia’s six established national age club championships (the 12&U, 14&U, 16&U and 18&U National Aged Championships) into a two-week festival of water polo in the heart of Brisbane.

UWA has 7 teams in attendance.  Follow all the updates on our facebook and instagram pages!  Or click here to go to the Water Polo Australia website.

Week 1 :

1 x U18 Girls, 1 x U18 Boys

1 x U14 Girls, 2 x U14 Boys

Week 2 :

2 x U16 Boysayc U18 Boys
u18 Girls ayc 19

Water Polo Stories, from FlippaBall to Aus Rep!

Pip with fellow Australian school girls Tasma Woolley and Skye Nankervis

Introducing Club member Pippa

My name is Pippa Pedley and I started as a 10 year old playing FlippaBall. I first saw water polo on tv and thought it looked like fun and asked my mum if I could play. I was also swimming for West Coast Swim Club. I kept swimming and playing water polo until I was 14 when I was training more and had to make a choice. I chose water polo!

When I was 14 I was ok at water polo but a lot of girls were better than me but I loved water polo and kept playing and training hard.  I was asked to play for Torpedoes which is the team that plays in the Australian Waterpolo League. Playing with the Torpedoes is great fun as I get to travel around Australia and play against Olympians, so I am learning a lot!  All this paid off when I was invited to train with WAIS 18 months ago (I am now a scholarship holder for water polo) I have played in the WA state school girls team twice and am now heading to the UK in the Australian Schoolgirls team.

The best things about water polo are it is in the water, it is a team sport playing with my friends and I get to travel!

and her mum Susi

Lots of you may know me as I am the current Ladies Delegate and in the past have run the uniform shop.

I was a little shocked when Pip asked to play water polo as we are not from a water polo family – swimming, football, yes but no water polo! Luckily a google search found the then City Beach Water Polo Club now UWA Water Polo Club and Pip joined playing FlippaBall.

She loved it right from the start and even though she was never the best she worked and trained hard and now is really succeeding in water polo! She has played at all levels in the club from District Schools competition all the way through to Torpedoes. She has coached FlippaBall and junior teams and umpires as well though she is not so keen on that!

The things I love about water polo is the game is short- no more long days at swim meets!! The social side is also a great attraction. There is nothing better than a drink pool side on a hot summer night. Everyone in the family (except me) has given polo a try and had fun but Pip has been the only one to stay at it!

Aus school girls 2018

Busy Bee | Saturday 15th September 9am to 11am


Come and volunteer on 20180204_162945

Date | Saturday 15 September 2018
Time | 9am to 11am
Venue | Clubrooms, HBF Stadium
Stephenson Avenue , Mt Claremont

BYO: cleaning gloves

Cleaning tasks include: kitchen, Clubroom windows and floors, patio and pavement, tables and chairs, bbq, etc . . .

Help also required with sorting caps and balls for new season.

Many hands make light work!

FlippaBall 18/19, Holiday Camp, Come and Try & more!

WP Flippa Photo

Notes for your calendar!WP Flippa Photo

FlippaBall registrations open:  Monday 20 August 2018

FlippaBall season commences: Friday 19 October 2018

New Players

New players are always welcome! FlippaBall is played from Year 2 – Year 6.

We have 3 FREE “Come and Try” sessions for prospective FlippaBallers 

Saturday 15th September, 11am to 12 noon | UWA 

Saturday 6th October, 9am to 10am | HBF
Friday 12th October, 6pm to 7pm | HBF

Register here for the October Come and Try Sessions

Please note participants will be required to pay pool entry.  Be sunsmart, wear your bathers and bring a towel, goggles and water bottle! 

School Holiday Camp

First week of the school holidays

Boys and Girls | Year 2 to 6

Tuesday 25 September to Friday 28 September

8.30am to 11.30am | HBF Stadium

$120 plus pool entry

Registrations now open!

20160726_195310Flippa Girls Oct 2017Camp promo